Sequential Spelling
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Sequential Spelling 1

Prices, ISBN's, and Summary Facts

Retail Price Teacher Edition Only: $16.45

Retail Price With Student Workbook: $24.95

ISBN, Revised Edition: 978-1-935943-06-8
ISBN, Student Workbook: 978-1-935943-07-5

Lessons: 180

Words per Lesson 4 -25

Available as Revised Edition

Student Workbook Recommended

May Also Use the Classic Student Response Book
Description, Contents, and Sample Pages

Pp. 1-4:    Instructions for the Teacher  (Click Here for Sample)

Pp. 5 - 65    Lessons 1 -180 (Click Here for Sample)

Pp. 66 - 80    Answer Key for Student Workbook Exercises
    (Click Here to See Student Workbook Exercise Sample)

The First Word Family Is: In

The Final Word Family Is: Case

Sequential Spelling 1 is typically begun by 2nd grade students.  Students must have a good working knowledge of the alphabet, basic phonics and be comfortable with basic hand-writing or keyboarding, depending on the means they are using to record their work.

Please note, however, we have had students as old as age 16 begin at Level One.  The instructor should not over-emphasize the normal student age assumption as a great many students come to Sequential Spelling after other programs have failed them and, therefore, may be older than age 7 or age 8.

Finally, if your student is an adult or a teen, you might want to consider Sequential Spelling for Adults and Teens.
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